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Crochet roses in 9 steps: Free crochet pattern with step by step pictures!

I love the look of these “Roll Up roses” (that is what I call them). They can be used for so many things…pins, ornaments, package decoration, brooches, hat adornments, seen together for scarves, collars, necklaces… etcetera! This tutorial on this blog has excellent photos to help you make a roll up rose. 🙂

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A rose is a rose is a rose. But a crochet rose is much better than a rose!

Why, you ask? Well its oh-so-cute, it blooms all round the year in every color you want and what’s more you made it all by yourself! Here’s how you are going to do it, in 10 easy steps.

1. Leaving a 10” length for sewing, chain 57.

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2. Row 1 :In sixth chain from hook, double crochet, chain two, double crochet, *chain 2, skip next 2 chains, then double crochet, chain two, double crochet in next chain; repeat from * across.

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3. This is what your first row finished should look like. Does your row look like a shellfish too? You’re on the right track!

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4. Row 2:  Chain 3, turn, 5 double crochet in first chain-2 space, single crochet in next chain-2 space, (6 double crochet in next chain-2 space…

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Dani’s Flip Flops

Check out these adorable baby sandal flip flop shoes! How cute!!

Handmade By Dani

© Handmade by Dani

Hook 4.00 Yarn PANDA acrylic 8ply
Changes in yarn and hook will result in changes in pattern size.
st – Stitch
slst – Slip Stitch
ch – Chain
sc – Single Crochet
hdc – Half Double Crochet
dc – Double Crochet
rnd – Round
Sole is worked in the round without turning.

Rnd 1
Ch 11. Sc in 2
link from hook. Sc in same link then in the next 4 link. Hdc 1 link, Dc in next 3
links. Make 4 dc in last link, turn and dc in next 3 link. 1 Hdc in next link, 1 sc in next 4 link. 2 sc
in last link. Join with slst.
Rnd 2
Ch 2. 2 hdc in next st. 1 hdc in next 8 st. 2 hdc in next 4 st, 1 hdc in next 8 st, 2 hdc in next…

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Froggy Bib Pattern!

Check out this adorable frog baby bib! And it is a free pattern! 🙂

Little Yarner...How I Yarn for Thee!

So here’s the second bib in a series of 3 boy bibs I’ve designed. A froggy! My son loves this bib because it’s bright and he loves to play with the frogs limbs. I love this bib because it’s big on him so when he inevitably spits up, it doesn’t get on his outfit!

Click here for pdf – Leap Frog

Leap Frog!

by Laura Priscilla Hoffman


Lion Brand Cotton in lime green, white, and black.

Size F hook, Size H hook

Tapestry Needle

1 button


SC – Single Crochet

SC IN – Single Crochet Increase

CH – Chain

DC – Double Crochet

SS – Slip Stitch

HDC – Half Double Crochet


This is made in the round. At the end of each row, join with a SS

Magic Loop, 6 SC.

SC IN around.

(SC, SC IN) repeat around.

SC around

(2SC, SC IN) repeat around.

(3SC, SC…

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Passo a Passo – Manequim de Moulage

Natália Gabriela

Não faz muito tempo que eu descobri a Burda Magazine. Para quem também não conhece, essa revista é igual a nossa velha e conhecida Manequim, só que muuuito melhor. Ela é originalmente alemã, mas também tem suas traduções para o italiano, frances…

Esse mes eu consegui a Burda alemã, para mim não quer dizer muita coisa, não entendo uma palavra se quer da lingua, mas só de ter essa belezinha na mão….
A modelagem é perfeita, ela é muito mais real que a nossa Manequim, já que a mulher alemã é maior que a brasileira nada é ridíco como aqui. O 38 da revista veste seguramente uma mulher 38, podendo até dar certo para uma 40…

Mas o que mais me chamou a atenção foi que depois que eu ganhei a revista eu acabei descobrindo o site… nele eu consegui encontrar muitas coisas bacanas, mas a melhor dela foi…

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Crochet Rope Basket

Thanks for posting this pattern. I can’t help but think of Irish Crochet lace when I see how the stitches are worked around a cord..very similar to the Irish method.
This basket looks fabulous! I bet that cloth clothesline could be used to make this! 🙂 🙂

Make My Day Creative

I’ve been looking for a basket of specific dimensions for a while without any luck.  Then I saw a circular version of this idea and realised I could make my own!

This uses a technique similar to thrumming, where you crochet over another thread to add bulk to a fabric.  If you have ever crocheted over your ends to avoid weaving in, this works the same way.

In this case I used rope instead of another yarn, which is a lot bulkier but great for adding stiffness and making each row deeper.  This project had the added bonus of using up a single skein I had left in my stash!

The resulting basket is rectangular with rounded corners.

You will need:

  • Length of rope (mine was 38m in length and 6mm diameter, for a 22x42x17cm basket)
  • Stash yarn (I used 310m of Patons 100% cotton 4ply in a cream colourway)
  • Size 5.00mm…

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Crochet a Yo-Yo Coverlet

This is pretty ….YoYo afghan! So colorful and a great way to use up small leftovers of yarn! 🙂

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